Javiera Salcedo


Design & Production

After a successful sporting career as a professional competitive swimmer, Javiera Salcedo founded the sports label Odeclás in 2010.

A thorough grounding in fashion design and patterns together with her wide-ranging sports achievements have made Javiera a genuine expert in the aquatic field.

After such prestigious sporting achievements as her participation in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Javiera dedicated herself to a career in fashion. After years of study and learning, she managed to create her own line of sports swimwear called Odeclás (her surname spelled backwards).

With this breakthrough into the textiles market Javiera positioned her products as fashionable sports swimwear, made using innovative materials to the highest specifications.

Mother of two, Javiera is a perfectionist, personally dedicated to the entire production process, right from the conception, design and pattern, through the supervision of the many different fabrication processes, to the exhaustive quality control of the finished product.

Contact: javiera@odeclassport.com

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